TriCaster is the most complete multi-camera production and media publishing solution for creating visually stunning programs for live streaming, online video, projection, post production, broadcast, and social medi


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If you’re not using online video content to draw in traffic and new customers for your small business, you’re behind the online marketing curve. Video is a huge platform in the online world—a 2013 survey from consulting firm Accenture finds that 90 percent of global consumers watch video content online.


The major video hosting websites are boasting some pretty impressive numbers, too. There are 13 million Vine users on Twitter, social video platform Vimeo has just announced 14 million members, and video giant YouTube has a viewership in the billions. Rate Sheet

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In May of 1988, Computer Connection opened inside of Tracy Music. Tracy Music started selling music software for the Amiga computer in 1985. In 1988, the use of computers in music and other areas inspired me to start Computer Connection. Being a musician myself and having used a Commodore 64 in my recording studio in the early 80s opened the door for the use of computer technology in my business. Then in 1985, a small company in Topeka, Kansas, founded by Tim Jenison, the pioneer of desktop video named NewTek, was developing software programs: Digi-Paint, a computer paint program and Digi-View, computer digitizing software.  This new technology in the video field was cutting edge inspiring me to become one of the original NewTek resellers. This technology eventually led to the introduction of a product called Video Toaster which ran on Amiga computers. The Video Toaster was a highly successful product and has evolved into a new product called TriCaster which is a self-contained portable live production studio used throughout the world from independent videographers to network TV. NewTek is still a privately held company owned by Tim Jenison but is now located in San Antonio, Texas.


Additionally in 1993, Computer Connection developed software for both the real estate and preowned vehicle markets. The software was called Property Master and Auto Exchange respectively. The software was described as a visual database because it used the Amiga computers ability to display high resolution pictures in real-time on a 21 inch touchscreen. This product allowed these two industries to display properties or vehicles in a highly efficient and desirable manner.


In 2012, I decided to rename Computer Connection and restructure it as Alps, Media, LLC. To this day, Alps Media continues to resell NewTek products and provide video services and other digital content services to its client base.


Alps Media also returned to its software development roots and started developing mobile apps for both Apple IOS and Google Android.



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